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Whether you are an independent casino or a multi-property empire, your top priority is to delight your guests. However, it takes time to find high-quality suppliers, negotiate competitive pricing, and track rebates you’ve earned. Let us help you tackle those issues so you can focus on your guests.


“I could probably find a better deal on the things we need, but I just don’t have time.”


“I spend a lot of time making sure we get the best deals on the best products.”


“I’m not sure if we’re getting the best prices or even who is tracking the rebates we should be receiving from suppliers.”


“It’s a struggle balancing my budget with the guest experience I want to provide.”


“I’m not sure if we’re doing enough to meet our diversity and sustainability goals.”

We Hear You

From providing luxury experiences to catering to value-oriented customers, we understand your needs. We created Parlay Solutions because we know the pain points faced by gaming hospitality operators, and have an innovative solution to address them. Our founders took the challenges they experienced in their own operations and created a solution unique to the gaming industry.

Parlay Solutions was designed to enable operators to spend less time focused on logistics and budgetary constraints, and more time to do what they do best… providing incredible experiences for every guest!

We Can Help

Our focus on customers, geographical reach, purchasing capabilities and supplier relationships gives Parlay Solutions an unmatched advantage in serving operators and suppliers. Partnering with Parlay Solutions allows gaming and hospitality operators of all sizes to benefit financially from our aggregate capabilities while growing relationships with world-class vendors. Caesars Entertainment and Foodbuy’s industry insight make us an invaluable partner to both our members and suppliers.

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