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We connect gaming hospitality operators with world-class suppliers to develop mutually beneficial relationships. Partner with Parlay Solutions to benefit from the supplier relationships of one of the world’s largest casino entertainment companies and North America’s largest food procurement solutions provider.

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Parlay Solutions is proud to provide unmatched service and unbeatable value to gaming hospitality operators across North America. Founded on the combined expertise of industry insiders, Parlay Solutions provides a unique, winning combination to help busy operators with limited resources do the most to delight their guests.

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Where Undeniable Value Meets Innovative Solutions

Parlay Solutions connects gaming hospitality operators with world-class product and service suppliers across North America.

Solution, Not SKUs

Parlay Solutions offers much more than just SKU & price comparisons. Using our unique expertise, we have created solutions to help gaming hospitality operators quickly and easily generate value, enhance their properties, and improve guest experiences. Sample programs include:

Upgrading guest offers and special events
Improving the energy on your gaming floor
Enhancing hotel room amenities
Maintaining cleanliness in the casino and hotel rooms
Improving your cash and complimentary beverage offerings

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